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Site & Purchase Terms

Order requests made on this site are requests only which are subject to the photographer's acceptance. Our ability to fulfill a request may depend on a range of factors including available of supplies, demand, and the order in which your request was received. We reserve the right to decline a request for any reason whatsoever.

The estimated price is an estimate only. The final price is subject to a range of factors including, but not limited to, the type of framing desired, archival print qualities, and demand for the work at the time the order is processed.

Limited runs apply to physical prints of the selected works which will be signed and numbered on verso. The photographer will not print more than is stated next to each photo. We reserve the unlimited right for electronic use of the works and to create derivitive works in any form.

Any guarantee of limited prints does not extend to excess prints occurring outside of the photographer's control, whether through theft, copyright violation, unauthorized or authorized electronic access, or otherwise. Any state print limits are promising only that the photographer will not print beyond the stated amount nor will permit another to do so. While the photographer will make reasonable efforts to prevent another from making excess prints, the photographer has no obligation to do so under these terms.

Users of this site agree not to copy content from this site.